An agency that stimulates life, cities, housing and your projects

Active both in France and abroad, SUD is an architecture agency. Multi-expert, it regroups architects, urban planners, engineers and interior designers. SUD covers all topics related to contemporary cities: urban planning, housing, tertiary sector, industry, health, education, trade, leisure, design... SUD creates life, SUD creates the city.

_Inventing together

SUD is first and foremost a temper: a character that expresses itself through its staff's creativity and situational intelligence.
Building on thirty years of architectural stories, the agency remains convinced that a successful project is a project that has been collectively designed. Its major achievements have always been co-designed through an iterative working process that makes the most of both the client's and the agency's talents.


The first specificity of the agency is to offer its clients projects that are stimulating in terms of architectural design and demanding in terms of costs and delivery times. This equation between possibilities and constraints is a creative challenge.
Each project is also placed in context, by always picturing how it stimulates the city and how it stimulates life.


A building has several lives. Generations succeed one another. In the course of time, its uses sometimes differ. Durability is the agency's key word. SUD designs daring and functional projects that induce pride and a sense of belonging at the client and, infine, at the project's users. Those are two assets that contribute to making the building long-lasting and to strengthening its position on the market.