EN Une agence qui rassemble des expertises et des domaines d’intervention uniques

Multi-expert, SUD regroups architects, urban planners, engineers and interior designers. SUD covers all topics related to housing and contemporary cities: urban planning, housing, tertiary sector, industry, health, education, trade, leisure, design...

  • Urban planning

    fabriquer la ville / urban design

    Urban requalification and renovation, creation of new neighbourhoods and residential areas, tertiary activity, industrial and logistics parks, public spaces... SUD creates life, SUD creates the city.

  • Housing

    habiter / living

    Collective or social housing programmes, projects combining housing, stores and offices, students' residence... SUD creates places that create connections.

  • Shopping / leisure

    divertir / entertainment

    Shopping centres, retail parks, leisure centres, multi-purpose projects (leisure/offices/housing), hotels, cinemas, theatres, car parks... SUD turns your project into a destination.

  • Community facilities / Health

    vivre / being

    Hospitals, centre for frail elderly people, clinics, laboratories, retirement homes, nurseries, school facilities, congress and convention centres, sports amenities... SUD cares for everyone.

  • Tertiary sector / industry

    travailler / working

    Offices, headquarters, buildings for tertiary or industrial activities, logistics platforms... SUD stimulates businesses.

  • Interior architecture

    créer / design

    Offices, receptions, restaurants, stores and shops, trades, housing, hotels... SUD turns your place into an experience.